Looking kind of like Romanian gypsy singers in this image but it belies the coolest under 20’s I’ve come across. A quick preview on Kitty Daisy and Lewis ahead of their forthcoming gig on Wednesday.

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Transcending everything you have ever been told about pop music and the shades of indie/electro/folk inspired music of our time; Kitty Daisy and Lewis are about as far away from anything you are likely to hear on commercial radio.
The group, who produce a sound so thrilling and different that it screams old school, old movies and old glamour, are as enticing as they are surprising because when their eponymous debut album was released in 2008 you could be forgiven for assuming they were ardent 50’s rockabilly s rather than three siblings from London all under the age of 20.

Kitty’s smoky lead vocals can and does carry off most musical genres, and while their first album had boundless potential it also had a headache- inducing amount of variety. Their forthcoming appearance at Night and Day will be a chance to see if the band have refined their musical influences and if they are still pulling off Beatboxing/Blues/Country/Hawaiian Rock and Roll and Swing  with staggering aplomb. This is a band that can change instruments as quickly as they take a breath; and is an opportunity to catch a gig that is promising to be a jaw dropping, head turning, feet stomping night to remember.