I took myself to the Double Magazine launch party at Islington Mill on Saturday and hate to say but it didn’t live up to the hype – there weren’t many people there and it lacked atmosphere and energy, which is in stark contrast to many amazing nights I have spent there. I love Islington Mill and the space is often occupied with talented artists and musicians and unusual events, and although Ten Bears played an enjoyable electro set – reminiscent of The Rapture; the subsequent band – The Coolness – were a bit of a car crash. If you were their friend you might tell them to have a word with themselves, their name isn’t really doing them any favours. But, although I don’t think they are the most talented band out there, they may be to someone else’s taste.  And in spite of the music, I actually couldn’t stop watching them; especially the front man – a vision of tight leopard leggings, wiry hair and gurning jaw, as he jumped into the crowd, nearly knocking a girl to the floor. He was resplendent and really irritating in equal measures. And he was pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, much more entertaining than the music.