My first post!

It’s hard to know where to start, what I find interesting is not necessarily going to translate well in a public blog but one thing is certain; I’ve become really bogged down in my routine of: work-gym-event-home-work-gym-home-pub-work-event-bed.  My job is pretty good but not very challenging, my friends are pretty great but are all over the place, Manchester is pretty fun but I’ve lived here a bit too long and ready for a change.

My desire to move, be distracted,  has prompted me to start writing a blog. Not least because I can document my ideas, discoveries and inspirations in one place as I go but I’m hoping to channel my restlessness into something positive, something that will make me laugh and question why I like some of the things I like, and maybe  somewhere in here I will figure out what I want to do next. Working within educational publishing has finally given me a focus, a direction of where I want to go (thank god-I was starting to think I would never know what to do with my life!), which has brought me to fashion, art and writing.  Which hasn’t really narrowed things down for me at all, so apologies in advance if this blog becomes viciously circular as I struggle to get out of the happywithlife-restlesswanttomove-changedmymind-happywithmylife-restlesswanttotravel-happywithlife.

My desire to write a blog has come from a need to show commitment to wanting to work in fashion or arts publishing. I know there are more important things to life than fashion but I can’t separate my interests in fashion, arts and culture as they all heavily encourage, influence and direct one another. So I’ve chosen to write about all three.

I like to go out. A lot. Whether it’s to see a really good film, to an exhibition or a drink with a friend, I really enjoy being surrounded by inspiring things. Peoples stories. Good music. Clicking fingers and funny dancing when my friends are having a good time and the lunges start appearing. There are lots of decent events taking place in the run up to Christmas; so ample opportunity to have a gluhwein to hand at all times, make the obligatory visits to Christmas markets, bust out some new moves and break out some party staples.

Some friends and I have just arranged a trip to Berlin to celebrate the New Year, which I am really excited about; especially as everyone has simultaneously decided we want big sheepskin coats and fuzzy russian hats (not that we collectively think all Berliners dress this way.) Maybe we’ll find some good bargains while we’re there with the help of this treat- fashion blog Still in Berlin- who have recently published a book, complete with a comprehensive vintage shopping guide.

Before then there are events closer to home that are worth a look-in this month:

Islington Mill, Christmas at the Mill

Thurs 26th Nov, Manchester

Islington Mill is one of my favourite venues in Manchester, a rarefied space used for events, home to myriad artists on the outskirts of the city centre and this evening they are opening their studios to the public for their annual Christmas at the Mill. The space is filled with festive music from local musicians and guests can wander from studio to studio with mulled wine in one hand, mince-pie in the other in search of original works for Christmas.

Apollo, Rodrigo Y Gabriella

Sat 28 Nov, Manchester

I love this Mexican duo, their performances are like witnessing an optical illusion, the belting sound implies there are far more performers to their group. The acoustic instrumental performers are incredible, echoing their Mexican culture with their own musical influences to create an intense but inspirational experience.

The Book Club, A Little Bazaar

Sun 29 Nov, London

A relatively new venue in East London, I will be heading to The Book Club, which is the perfect mix of cocktail bar-exhibition-club space.  On Sunday they are hosting an afternoon of vintage and craft delights.

Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy

Until 11 Dec, London

Kapoor is one of my favourite sculptors, I love the sheer scale of his works, the material he works with and how his art can make you think anything is possible. Highlights are the canon, which shoots molten wax onto the surrounding walls;  and the spectacular moving wall made of a 40 ton solid block of vivid red vaseline, only just fitting through each room as at moves slowly from one side of the gallery to the other.

Below are also some desirable items that would see me nicely through the festive season.  I say would if the Proenza Schuler boots  weren’t a bit ridiculous, most-likely uncomfortable and most-definitely out of my price range. Ah the clutch – a little too small to be practical, a little too expensive to be affordable and a little too show-stopping to use often but the McQueen clutch, I am besotted with you.

Proenza Schouler Boot

Barbour International Wax Jacket

MA+ buckle wedge

Topshop velvet studded playsuit

Urban Outfitters Oversized Scarf

Eley Kishimoto tights

Alexander McQueen knuckle duster clutch